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Umalusi - Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and Training

ABET: Adult Basic Education and Training

AET: Adult Education and Training
AVET: Adult and Vocational Education and Training
CASS: Continuous Assessment
CEO: Chief Executive Officer
CEPD: Centre for Education Policy Development
CHE: Council on Higher Learning
CS: Corporate Services
DHET: Department of Higher Education and Training
DBE: Department of Basic Education
E&A: Evaluation and Accreditation Unit
FET: Further Education and Training
GET: General Education and Training
GENFETQA (Act): General and Further Education and Training Quality Assurance (Act)
GETC: General Education and Training Certificate
HE: Higher Education
HR: Human Resource
IEB: Independent Examination Board
IECS: Integrated Examination Computers System
IPEAC: Inter Provincial Examinations and Assesment Committee
IT: Information Technology
MIS: Management Information System
MSS: Management Support Structure
NAISA: National Association of Independent Schools
NATED: National Technical Education (policy)
NCV: National Certificate Vocational
NEIC: National Examinations Irregularities Committee
NLRD: National Learner Record Database
NQF: National Qualifications Framework
NSC: National Senior Certificate
PALC: Public Adult Learning Centre
PDE: Provincial Department of Education
PFMA: Public Finance Management Act
PR: Public Relations
QAA: Quality Assurance of Assessment Unit
QC: Quality Council
QCC: Qualification, Curriculum and Certification Unit
QCTO: Quality Council for Trades and Occupations
SACAI: (South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute)
SAQA: South African Qualifications Council
SC: Senior Certificate
SETA: Sector Education and Training Authority
SIR: Statistical information and Research Unit
VET: Vocational Education and Training
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July 2018
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Issue 5 - Feb 2018

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