Umalusi approves the 2017 national examinations results

Umalusi, the Council for Quality Assurance in General and Further Education and
Training, has once again fulfilled its legislative mandate in relation to the quality
assurance of the management and administration of exit point examinations in the
following qualifications per assessment body:
o Independent Examinations Board (IEB) – NSC AND GETC:ABET
o South African Comprehensive Assessment Institute (SACAI) – NSC
o Benchmark Assessment Agency (BAA) – GETC: ABET
o Department of Basic Education (DBE) – NSC
o Department of Higher Education And Training (DHET) – GETC:ABET;
NATED N2-N3 Programmes; NC(V)
Umalusi conducted the external moderation of question papers and a sample of sitebased assessment (SBA) marks across all assessment bodies. The Council also
monitored the conduct and marking of exams as well as selection of markers in all the
nine Provincial Departments of Education (PDEs) including all private assessment
This year the South African Comprehensive Institute (SACAI), which is an independent
assessment body provisionally accredited by Umalusi to administer the National Senior
Certificate examinations, administered its NSC exams for the fourth time. Another new
independent assessment body, Benchmark Assessment Agency (BAA), which is also
in a process of obtaining accreditation from Umalusi, ran a pilot of its third GETC
examinations in November. Benchmark’s results were also subjected to Umalusi’s
standardisation process.