Press Release l Umalusi Resolves Slavery Assessment Matter l 12 June 2020

For immediate release 12 June 2020

Umalusi has resolved the ‘slavery’ assessment matter with Midstream College

Following the statement issued by Umalusi yesterday, 11 June 2020, Umalusi reached out to Midstream College to discuss the veracity of the claims published by the media, which alleged that Umalusi ‘forced’ Midstream College to administer assessment on ‘slavery.’
In his formal response to Umalusi, the principal of Midstream College (High School) and member of the School Governing Body, Dr Carel Kriek, clarified the matter as follows: “On Tuesday, I spoke to the press on behalf of Ms Hester Hill, the primary school principal, and at no stage did I state or even imply that Umalusi forced Midstream College to send out the slave auction poster assignment. As you will see in the article, I did, however, allude to the fact that in terms of the curriculum, we were requested by Umalusi in 2016 to align our Social Sciences to the CAPS requirements to attain accreditation. Ms Hill confirmed that they revised their Social Sciences from grade 4 to 7 to ensure they are compliant, hence they reintroduced the topic of slavery into the grade 7 Social Sciences curriculum. Midstream College also never stated that it was a fun activity, this was done by the Cape Town school. I hope this clarifies the matter and sincerely apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.”
The CEO of Umalusi, Dr Mafu Rakometsi, has expressed his appreciation for the prompt response from Midstream College, thanked Dr Kriek for clarifying the issue, and considers the matter resolved.

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