Qualifications Standards Committee

The Qualifications Standards Committee fulfills the following functions in support of the work of Umalusi Council:

  • Provide guidance in the formulation of suitable qualifications, which will meet the requirements of the Minister and South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA);
  • Consider the implications of the development or review of a particular qualification/programme/curriculum and advise Umalusi with regard to the approach taken toward stakeholders, including departments;
  • Provide in-principle agreement for the need to develop or review a particular qualification, programme or curriculum. Such a decision is based on an evaluation against predetermined criteria, and proposals resulting from Umalusi‚Äôs internal processes;
  • Develop criteria for the appointment of members that will serve on Qualifications Reference Groups, which constitute sub-committees of the Committee and appoint the members when such a need arises;
  • Approve the delegation of the responsibilities such as curriculum development to the relevant committee/department/ assessment body or other suitable body or bodies;
  • Recommend the qualification in its final form to Council;
  • Assist, as individual committee members, if requested, in advocacy of the qualifications on the GFETQSF;
  • The committee may be requested to perform any other reasonable functions that Council may deem necessary and relevant to the role of committee.