Research Forum

Even though it is not a Council Committee per se, the Research Forum is commissioned by Council to fulfill the following functions in support of the work of Council:

  • Members serving on the Research Forum provide input and support to Umalusi’s Statistical Information and Research unit.
  • The Forum strengthens the research function in the organization through support and guidance provided to the Statistical Information and Research unit with regard to:
    • the research agenda;
    • the theoretical framing of research projects; and
    • the dissemination of findings from the research conducted.
  • The Forum may be called upon to comment on research work emanating from the sub-committees of Council.
  • Members of the Forum may sometimes be commissioned to undertake or assist with research activities, in which case the copyright for the research output will reside with Umalusi.
  • Should a Forum Member be directly involved in working on a research project for Umalusi, ownership and management of the project will reside with Umalusi and the objectives of the project will be determined by Umalusi management.
  • The Forum will offer advice on matters concerning ethical clearance, if required for proposed research.
  • The Forum may be requested to perform any other reasonable functions that Council may deem necessary and relevant to the role of the Forum.