A trusted authority in quality assurance of education provision, recognised locally and internationally.


To meet educational and societal needs, we shall assure the provision of valid, reliable and equitable examinations and a range of assessment services in a professional, innovative, efficient and effective manner. This will be done through:

  • Developing and managing a sub-framework of qualifications for general and further education and training that is benchmarked internationally;
  • Quality assuring qualifications and curricula;
  • Confirming that assessment is fair, valid and reliable;
  • Quality assuring the provision of education and training, and assessment providers; and
  • Grounding its work in research to ensure informed positions and approaches.


  • Improved organisational management, governance and financial viability to ensure high-quality, effective and efficient delivery of Umalusi’s mandate; and
  • Improved assessment and quality assurance that is relevant and internationally benchmarked and supports the nation’s strategic interests for a highly skilled workforce and well qualified citizens


Leadership Umalusi values leadership in directing performance of others in the sector and leading the way.
Decisiveness Umalusi is decisive in making decisions that are firm and beyond doubt, leading to conclusiveness.
Diversity Umalusi embraces difference, variety and innovation within the various services in the sector.
Umalusi programmes and services are easy to access and understand. Our decisions and actions are clear, reasonable and open to examination.
Professionalism Umalusi employees are professionals, well trained in our specialties, committed to service excellence, and dedicated to the successful accomplishment of our mission.
Quality Umalusi constantly seeks opportunities to improve our services and products. Quality and continuous improvements are an integral part of our daily operations.
Teamwork Employees work as a team and value the contributions of each individual. We know that our people are our most important resource.
Integrity Umalusi strives to be honest in our operations, conduct and discipline in the organisations’ actions that have Integrity
Equity Umalusi commits to treat all its stakeholders equally in an equitable way

Anti-Fraud Hotline: 17737

Umalusi accredits private providers of education and training as well as private assessment bodies to offer tuition and/or assessment for qualification(s) on the General and Further Education and Training Qualification Framework…. Learn More…

The main functions of the two quality assurance of assessment units, School Qualifications [QAA-SQ] and Post School Qualifications [QAA-PSQ], are to set standards for assessment of qualifications…. Learn More..

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Umalusi’s mandate as a Quality Council derives from the NQF Act, Act No 67 of 2008, and its establishment act, the GENFETQA Act, Act No 58 of 2001, amended in 2008. Learn More…

Umalusi Council has always grounded its work in well considered research based on issues within its mandate and education and training as a whole. Learn More…

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